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How We Handle Cases

We represent plaintiffs and defendants.

In most cases, you don’t need to be present to maintain or defend a lawsuit in Texas. We will work to understand your specific needs and ensure that they are met.

Obtaining a positive outcome in a lawsuit begins with defining what the win looks like. We begin by digging deep to understand the situation, the client, the client’s business, and how this all fits into the facts of the dispute. We work with the client to map out a strategy for resolving the dispute – defining expectations for what we intend to accomplish, and then executing the plan to get the results our client wants.

We take cases to trial. Everything we do is to prepare us to persuade a jury. From this, we have two guiding principles for litigation, which sets us apart. First, less is often best. Second, early discovery is effective discovery. We are great believers in the jury system and we therefore hone our arguments and conduct discovery with an eye to telling a simple story to a jury.

No matter what course of action we recommend to a client, we know that cost containment is important. Fully litigating a case can take considerable time and money. If it is possible for us to help our clients take a more efficient and economical route to a solution, we endeavor to do so.

The will to win. We want to win and more importantly, we want to know what you want.

We can’t promise you an outcome. No lawyer can. But we can promise you personalized service and effort. We believe in what we do and we believe in the system.

Sometimes mergers and acquisitions fall apart, business transactions go awry, contracts are breached, or other disputes occur in the corporate world, we stand ready to mount an aggressive case for our clients. We have experience in state, federal and appellate courts. We handle a wide range of commercial disputes involving:

Contract disputes
Business torts
Bankruptcy/adversary proceedings
Insurance coverage
Mergers and acquisitions
Partnership disputes
Employment matters

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