Wills & Trusts

While business & real estate transactions and litigation are the areas of practice where I focus, I have found that from time to time my clients need help in other areas of the law.

I draft simple and complex tax-related wills to help clients control where their assets go upon death. I also draft trusts and related documents to ensure that their business interests and assets are handled in the manner that they see fit. No two situations are the same, but the needs of most clients are similar. Therefore, I have a limited number of related practice areas to help my clients when needed.

Disputes and litigation do arise, sometimes, when a will is probated. Hopefully, this is not the case for you or your family, but I am ready to help if so.

My firm can represent executors, administrators, and trustees in all aspects of administration disputes, fiduciary issues, and settlement of complex estates and trusts.

Whether litigating will disputes, representing administrators, protecting beneficiaries or counseling trustees, I actively work to help all of my clients. In this branch of law, my experience includes:

  • Administration of estates and trusts
  • Breach of fiduciary duty disputes and lawsuits
  • Interpretation of testamentary documents
  • Pursuing or preventing termination of trusts
  • Resignation or removal of trustees
  • Undue influence allegations
  • Validity of wills or codicils
  • Will contests
  • Will forgery claims and cases
  • Third party claims and lawsuits

If you're looking to resolve an estate planning concern, or you simply want to start planning ahead for your future, please reach out. I would be honored to help you reach your legal goals in any way I can.